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There are two definitions of legally diminished capacity in New York State. The first applies to the state’s ammunition magazines, now limited to ten rounds (of which you can only load seven…) The second definition applies to people so stupid or whacked-out on drugs that they can’t be held legally responsible for their own actions. The governor and most of the state assembly fall into this category. Smith & Wesson’s new Model 929 is an eight-shot revolver based on the N-Frame Mode 29. Loading it up with eight rounds of 115-grain jacketed hollow points, it’s a wonderful way for a New Yorker to defend his home, skirt the retarded provisions of the SAFE Act and send a big FU to the ass-clowns who passed it…all at the same time. If only that barrel were a little shorter…

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This isn’t the world’s first ‘high-capacity’ revolver, but it’s one of the more powerful. S&W has sold the seven-shot Model 687 for years but that fine firearm fails to flip the middle finger to Governor Cuomo and his minions in Albany quite as well as the Model 929 does. Prior to the late 1990s, most other ‘assault revolvers’ (perish the thought!) resemble this nine-shot Harrington & Richardson .22, which also happens to be called the Model 929.

It’s odd that a $1,500 Performance Center revolver with a titanium cylinder would share the same model name as a fifty year-old rimfire clunker. Then again, I’m pretty sure that H&R never sold any Jerry Miculek special editions.

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